Industrial application



Organizing high-quality power supply at construction sites is a complex problem. In most cases, the best solution is to choose a genset in soundproof enclosure or container with the your required options, as in this case you will be able to operate the genset in any weather conditions, such as heat, rain or snow, even in close proximity to dwellings.

Important advantages of WattStream gensets for working conditions at construction sites are a hard steel frame, an enclosure made of galvanized sheet steel that guarantees protection against rust, and critical units that are additionally reinforced to give the enclosure extra strength. Each enclosure and frame component is painted with special paint based on epoxy resin using a powder coating method to give the coating high resistance to atmospheric precipitation, heat and solar radiation.

All of these features mean we can confidently say that WattStream gensets will satisfy and comply with all working conditions at construction sites.