Industrial application

IT and telecom, financial institutions

IT and telecom, financial institutions

Operation of a modern bank, insurance company or IT company is associated with the use of powerful computers, expensive network equipment and telecommunications equipment. All of these devices are extremely sensitive to the quality of electricity and surges and power loss in the main power network. Thus, the company’s uninterruptible power supply system or guaranteed power supply system must be as reliable as possible, as lack of coordination between data exchange processes and delayed data updates may have very unpleasant consequences.

WattStream gensets can effectively solve the problem due to reliable engines with an indisputable reputation, availability of a power transfer relay that guarantees startup of the genset in case of a main power failure. The modern control panel used in WattStream diesel generator units makes it possible to control many power parameters and be sure of equipment operation. You can increase the reliability level of the power system by arranging parallel operation of several gensets, and by creating additional backup systems.

WattStream gensets are delivered in different design versions (open design, in an enclosure, in a container) best adapted for the application. Compliance with strict environmental regulations and noise restrictions makes WattStream equipment suitable for use in urban areas.